The Sunny Side EP (2016)

by No One You Know


Did you know what The Rolling Stones-“Exile on Main Street”, Bruce Springsteen’s-“Nebraska” and Bob Dylan & The Band’s-“Basement Tapes” have in common? You are correct; all these albums were all recorded at home.  But they are all missing one thing…you! 


Mick, Keith, Bruce, Bob and Levon all forgot to ask you to help with their homegrown, but we didn’t.  No One You Know recorded our first album at home too, but before we let it go out all by it’s self, we want you to give it a listen and tell us what you dig and don’t.


We want the entire village to produce and engineer this thing.  Most bands ask you what you think, but by the time you hear it, it’s a done deal, well not us- please put on your headphones and get out your red pen.  Back seat drivers, Know it all’s, Monday morning QBs, Coulda Shoulda Woulda’s, your friends might be tired of hearing you say, “Well if were up to me…” well now it is, come on gang give it to us straight- we can take it. 

Please send all reviews or thoughts of any kind to folkflights@gmail.com or in the contact section of our site to receive a free digital download of the entire album.